Artist Masao Seki (previously) just wrapped up a solo exhibition at the Kamakura-based antique shop Five From The Ground. The hosts were kind enough to send over some shots of the exhibition, which are gorgeous.

I’m a huge fan of Seki’s minimal wire sculptures that are infused with charm and whimsy. As delicate as they seem, each is full of expressive vitality and spirit, as if they are frozen, waiting – with anticipation – for someone to flip their switch back on. I would love to see these pieces as part of a stop-motion film.

moon (9,000 yen)

The shop owners are accepting international orders. All you have to do is contact them with the product you want.

guruguru (3,800 yen)

yokomachi (4,500 yen)

ladder (1,800 yen)

sedan & van (1,500 yen)

building (12,000 yen)

large basket (25,000 yen)