MM Apartment by Nakae Architects

Yuji Nakae of Nakae Architects, along with the help from Hirofumi Ohno and Yamada Hiroyuki, created MM Apartment in Tokyo. Approximately 2 years since the completion of their last building, the highly acclaimed NE Apartment, the 8 unit structure comes with Nakae’s signature style of incorporating indoor parking for your bicycle or motorcycle, which I am sure there are plenty of people in Tokyo who can appreciate.

MM Apartment was completed back in September of 2009 but the architects just recently released photos of their work.

Each unit has 3 floors but with different layouts. Some have the bathrooms located on the first floor while others have them on the 3rd. Here is a walk-through of some of the units. Above is a shot of the entrance and ground level bike parking.

Above are 2 shots of room A – the stairs leading from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor, and the dining room/kitchen located on the 2nd floor. Below we have 2 shots from room B – the 2nd floor bathroom and 3rd floor kitchen.

Below are 2 shots of room C – the ground level entrance and bathroom, and the 2nd floor bedroom.

Below is a shot of room F’s 2nd floor bathroom.

All photographs © Hiroyasu Sakaguchi


  1. beautiful no-colour space…

  2. beautiful no-colour space…

  3. I love the design of this building — inside and out!

  4. I love the design of this building — inside and out!

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