The streets of Tokyo can be deafeningly silent late at night. “As I walk home at night listening to music I would imagine shapes moving to the sounds,” explains Tao Tajima, who created “Night Stroll.” It’s a mesmerizing short video shot on the late night streets of Tokyo featuring florescent geometric shapes that illuminate the dark pavement. It’s like a secret party that we’ve accidentally stepped into.

“I simply visualized the images I was seeing,” Tajima tells us. “I think anyone who’s walked home at night listening to music has experienced this feeling,” which perhaps explains why it strikes a chord with so many.

Tajima, who works at the Tokyo-based film and visual design studio Tanagram, deliberately chose a drizzly night and shot everything in his own neighborhood. “I like how wet pavement creates a mirroring effect. So I wanted to recreate the images in my head as realistically as possible.”



(all quotes translated from Japanese to English by author)
Source: colossal