I received the new 2007 Fall catalog from the Moma Store in the mail last week. It’s been busy so I finally got a chance to browse through it. I’ve never been a huge fan of the ultra-modern but here are a few juicy finds that I couldn’t resist posting!



Adjustable Hook ($40) by Klaus Goebbels, Isabel Hamm, 2006

Use the downward position to hang single items such as a hat, coat, or umbrella. If you need to compare multiple outfits simply reposition upwards for an extended hanger!

Carafe with Lid ($50) by Cecilie Manz, 2006

A slight deviation from her collection of pendant lamps (with traces of similar influences), Danish designer Cecilie Manz created this gorgeously simple carafe that I would love to use as a water pitcher at the dinner table!

Bread Box ($85) by Ben Cox, Bill Holding, 2007

UK designers Ben Cox and Bill Holding (from design studio Morph) created this adorable bread box. I’m not sure what it is with me and bread boxes…. I just think they’re fantastic. Especially this one!

Rnd_Time Clock ($225) by Rnd_Lab, 2005

This unique clock from Italian design studio Rnd_Lab allows you the freedom to position the hour block however you like. When you’re on vacation go ahead and rearrange the clock as abstract as you can!