In my Boesky post earlier this week I briefly mentioned the artist Paula Hayes because one of her terrariums appeared in Boesky’s apartment. Although significantly AFT (after-the-fact), I decided to dedicate a post to these beautiful botanical containers.




These terrariums made a huge splash in the blogosphere in late 2006. You pretty much had every blogger raving about them. And rightly so…they are quite exquisite. However, if you are thinking about how one would be perfect for your room I would suggest going out, buying a glass container, and attempting a DIY project because one of these little ecosystems will cost you $10,000 a pop.

*DIY: a tipster writes, “make sure to place a layer of charcoal at the bottom of the container to prevent bacteria from growing.” Sounds like a good idea.

UPDATE (Oct 19 2008): There are some great tutorials HERE. For materials, there is a comprehensive list of affordable options HERE.

UPDATE (Nov 30 2010): Paula Hayes currently has a few of her terrariums on display at the MoMA! in an exhibition titled “Nocturne of the Limax maximus.” The show runs through Feb 28, 2011.