Music Monday: Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo

We usually introduce you to a new artist on Music Monday. But today we’d like to highlight the upcoming Red Bull Music Festival taking place in Tokyo next month because it’s the perfect intersection of music and graphic design. We’ve been seeing some of the posters around Tokyo and they’re simply stunning. Their bold use of colors and typography makes them hard to miss.

In 1998 the Red Bull Music Academy was inaugurated as a series of traveling music workshops and festivals. And in 2014, after the events landed in Tokyo. This year, the Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo plans to build on the success from 3 years ago through live performances, club nights, lectures and workshops that will unfold all around the city throughout the course of 4 weeks. “The festival will celebrate all facets of Japanese music – J-Pop, hip-hop, noise, video game music and much more, featuring key pioneers from the Japanese music scene.”

Creative director Morihiro Harano, along with art directors from visual design studio TYMOTE, were tasked with creating a series of visuals for the festival that would get people excited about it. And they delivered through bold colors (sourced from the sponsor’s palette) coupled with a radical, geometric typography that spells out words like 月間 (month-long), 日替 (daily rotating) and 音楽祭 (music festival).

Of course you can’t have a music festival with just cool graphics. The lineup also looks great and features acts that we’ve talked about here before like Wednesday Campanela and Nulbarich.

photo by Masanori 3284

From the organizers:

The festival’s lineup features a diverse range of artists, including Japanese hip-hop figureheads, a full day of in-store gigs at the infamous Tower Records building, a massive club/bar hopping-style event across Shibuya, one-off experiences in sound texture, noise and dance, a lecture and workshop by one of Japan’s foremost music producers, Ryosuke Imai and much more.

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