Nakanojo Biennale 2011 | pagoda by Ikimono Architects

Images courtesy Ikimono Architects’ blog | click to enlarge

Our 3rd and final pick from this year’s Nakanojo Biennale is “Pagoda.” Takashi Fujino of Ikimono Architects collaborated with Sunao Koase and Maniackers Design to create this ethereal installation that hangs in the air and swims with the wind. Consisting of a single ultra-thin sheet of reflective ribbon that stretches 40m into the sky, pagoda can appear both entirely manmade and engineered or, at the same time, blending together with its natural surroundings.

The spiritual pagoda is both towering yet delicate. Inspired by the tragic events of March 11th, the architects felt the need to depict a clearer vision of the future. What they saw were not the bright lights of the city nor the robust feats of engineering that has symbolized the development of mankind. Instead, what they saw was something unchanged yet eternally present: the seasons and time and weather that is produced by the mountainous breathing of our planet.

Pagoda is 1 of 3 works that the consortium of architects designed for the Nakanojo Biennale this year. The other 2 are “Noya,” a renovated shed, and “Nakanojo Biennale Information Center,” where visitors are first greeted. Check out all our posts on the Nakanojo Biennale.

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  1. Amazing and so peaceful just watching it. I can only imagine what it must be like in reality. Thanks for sharing this. I came here via Catsparella and am so glad I did!

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