Polar Ice by Atsuhiro Hayashi

Wow! Talk about making a statement. I’ve just found the best way to accessorize those refreshments you’re serving up at your next climate change conference. Two silicon cups produce these unique ice cubes that depict a polar bear and 2 penguins standing on a glacier. Once in your drink, they gradually melt away, mimicking a real-life scenario that many arctic animals are currently facing.

Originally designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi, the concept was unveiled at Tokyo Designer’s Week back in 2009. But it wasn’t until over last summer that the idea finally came to fruition. They’re available in our shop for $22.

Looking for more design with an environmental twist? Check out the article I wrote on Masahiro Minami’s Bears on Melting Ice.


  1. this is cool. but it’s also two years old.

  2. @j indeed, as indicated in the post, it was originally conceived in 2009. What’s changed is that it was just commercially released in July, 2011.

  3. Can these be bought online in the United States somewhere? Or, does Monos have an option for using another language on their website and/or an international shipping rate?

  4. @Brit – I should have included this in the post, but you can use a forwarding service like White Rabbit Express: http://bit.ly/qBBG9k

  5. Can I buy it in Brazil?

  6. Hola
    Me gustan son originales, a donde puede importar estas hieleras polares, por favor

    Gracias (Perú)

  7. @Ana and eduardo – http://bit.ly/qBBG9k will ship anywhere in the world

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