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Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Nao Tamura created a chandelier that is inspired by her numerous trips to Venice, the City of Water. Or as Luigi Barzini described it, “the most beautiful city built by man.” Flow(t) is comprised of multiple blown glass vessels that appear to be immersed in blue-green hues as they calmly float through your room.

“There is a world under and the land above,” says Tamura, reflecting on the cityscape. “In the city of Venice, where the real world and fantasy coexists, this chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of dual worlds.” Flow(t) was designed for Wonderglass and unveiled during Milano Salone 2013.

Tamura also shared with us some of her process sketches, which are equally beautiful and provide an intimate glimpse into how the chandelier came to be.


Last year we visited Nao Tamura in her studio. NaoTamura_ProcessSketch2


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