Over at DesignTide Tokyo, Nendo has unveiled a new line of minimal glass tableware. “Bottleware” is a collaboration with Coca Cola and their 96-year old glass contour bottle. The bottles, ever since their inception in 1916, have embodied a deep sense of eco-friendliness, being collected, cleansed and then reused over and over again. But over time the bottles deteriorate and can no longer be used. Nendo set their sights on these relics that no longer can be used for their original purpose.

We were captivated by the particular greenish-blue tint, fine air bubbles and distortions that are a hallmark of recycled glass, so decided to create simple shapes that would enhance these traits. But we also wanted users to feel a remnant of the distinctive bottle in the new products. Our solution was to create bowls and dishes that retain its distinctive lower shape, as though the top had been sliced off. The dimpling on the bottle base that keeps the bottle from sliding is not ordinarily a strong visual feature, but it’s part of a bottle’s identity nonetheless, and visible to anyone who picks up the bottle to drink. Keeping these ring-shaped dimples on the base of our bowls and plates doesn’t just retain their non-slip quality, but also helps to convey important messages about the way that glass circulates between people as it’s made, used and recycled for further use, and about the connections it makes between people in this process.

Also, on site, a very cool installation of glass shards that are used in the recycling process.

installation view courtesy excite-ism | click to enlarge

installation view courtesy japan-architects | click to enlarge

I’m such a nerd but I can’t get enough of these gorgeous process shots. They were all hand-blown by artisans in Aomori.

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