The curious case of the running daikon radish

What would you do if you unearthed an oddly-shaped daikon radish that resembled someone swinging their arms and legs back and forth in a sprinting position? Would you place it in humorous situations and photograph it? Well that’s exactly what a farmer in Hyogo prefecture, who goes by the twitter handle @konsai_umemama, decided to do.

all photos by @konsai_umemama


  1. Mercedes Fol-Okamoto

    November 6, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Eat your vegetables (especially daikon) to be healthy and really good at running!

  2. Hahahaha.. The photos made me laugh… but the comment above really cracked me up! Thanks for making my day 😀

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  3. I miss Japan, and daikon, and awesome pictures of daikon. LOVE this.

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