Illustrator Shinji Tsuchimochi finds inspiration in Shimbashi, where many of his illustrations come to life

For some, Shimbashi, located south of Tokyo Station, smells a little stale: where old people go to do old people things. But for illustrator Shinji Tsuchimochi, the artist behind the popular book 100 Views of Tokyo, it’s a hidden trove of small bars and eateries that hearken back to a more traditional Tokyo.

Tsuchimochi takes us through the backstreets of Shimbashi and introduces us to some of his favorites spots including some that were inspirations for his illustrations of Tokyo. Pro-tip: what makes Shimbashi so great is it’s accessibility. Once you’re done you can keep walking west to Zozoji Temple, Tokyo Tower or Hibiya Park. Or you can go the opposite direction and get to Tsukiji.

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