Music Monday: Never Young Beach

Never Young Beach are a Tokyo-based indie rock band headed by Yuma Abe. Despite being in their mid-20s, Nebayan, as they’re colloquially called, come together to make a sound that hearkens back to simpler and – for some – better times. It’s 70s Japanese folk meets tropical indie rock.

Within months since their formation in late 2014 the band began pushing out singles and then released their first full album “Yahsinoki House” in May of 2015. It was a solid album with psychedelic and tropical undertones. And yet, it didn’t quite sound like the group had found their own sound.

Within a year the band matured a lot and, in June 2016, they put out their 2nd album “fam fam.” It was still folky, still tropical and they still had their slacker vibe. And yet they felt all grown up.

Below is a live clip of them performing in mid-2016. They start off with Akarui mirai, off their 2nd album, and then transition to their hit Doudemoiikedo (at around 3:45) from their first album. They then close with fam fam (around 6:45).

Their latest music video, released last month, is owakare no uta (“farewell song”, in Japanese). Shot horizontally and intended to be viewed on a smartphone, the video starts off with 3.5 minutes of a couple acting achingly sweet towards each other (skip to 3:45 for the actual song). It’s shot from the boyfriend’s perspective and, if such a thing is possible, is the most adorable break-up song.

It features actress Nana Komatsu playing the girlfriend and was directed by Yoshiyuki Okuyama.

Like what you hear? You can find more of their music on YouTube. Never Young Beach is also on Twitter and Soundcloud. And be sure to check out our other Music Monday picks.

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