New Images from Sendagaya House

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After posting images of Sendagaya House back in September, I was surprised (and excited) to get an email from Ruth Thomas, who runs Toringa Projects, an interior design firm based in Tokyo. Ruth had worked with the owners of the home to furnish the interiors upon completion and was kind enough to send us scans of the completed project.

I was blown away by the stunning results! It was especially fun to compare with the bare walls of the home I had originally posted. If you missed the project, check it out HERE and then continue on for the finished home.

Here are some shots of the living room. I like the idea of elevating it to a mezzanine and what that does to the flow of people. It’s actually very warm and inviting while still maintaining a dynamic space.

I have incredible furniture lust for that custom-upholstered chair with Paul Smith fabrics. I also like how it pairs nicely with the minimalist Glo-Ball light by Jasper Morrison.

I love how each room has it’s own unique feel. That green wall and quilt is amazing.

Unless otherwise noted, all images from September 2010 issue of Modern Living.

Ok. It’s official. I now have real-estate envy. Congrats to Ruth for pulling some of these looks off and congrats to the homeowners J and L who live in this gorgeous house!

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  1. I love the house!! Especially the “Home sweet home” mirror♥

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