photos by Toshiyuki Yano

For centuries the box has been an object of choice for magicians who used it to create illusions like dividing things (or people) into more pieces. In what is perhaps the first appropriation of the magic box in the field of architecture, naf architect & design has accomplished a unique renovation by inserting a box into the middle of a home.

The 17-year old Tokyo home was recently purchased by a family of 3. However, without much character and purpose, many spaces were left undefined, creating awkward living arrangements. The architects decided to insert a box made of deck panels, which acted as a switchbox; an intersection, if you will, that directs the flow of traffic into different spaces. The box was successful in defining a multi-purpose space that included a clinic that the husband and wife run, a bedroom, porch and stairs that lead up to the living room. Oh, and last but not least, an entrance into a karaoke room, which was previously a concrete garage. That in itself is a great reallocation of resources given the soundproofing that had been part of the garage.

The home was completed in December 2011 and the family was able to move in right before new year’s.

source: naf website