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Multidisciplinary designer Makoto Koizumi’s portfolio ranges from the very small (chopstick rests and tea kettles) to the very large (residential architecture projects and interior design). And ever since he established his own studio in 1990 he’s approached each project with the same emphasis on tradition and craft. In 2003 he opened his first shop in Kunitachi – a western suburb of Tokyo. But while walking through his neighborhood Koizumi discovered an old shoe shop that had closed down. Having outgrown his current location – just 45 seconds away – he decided to renovate it and move in.

sansa-chair-by-makoto-koizumi-PD kaico-kettle-by-makoto-koizumi-PD

Fast-forward to April 2013, the new Makoto Koizumi shop opened for business and is selling tableware, utensils and other small necessities. His older space is now a dedicated showroom for larger pieces of furniture. Reiko Imamura and AxisMagazine recently visited his shop and put together a wonderful report (JP).

Koizumi Dougu ten
2-2-31 Fujimidai, Kunitachi shi, Tokyo (Gmap)
Tel: 042-574-1464
Hours:3:00pm – 6:00pm