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photos by Koichi Torimura | click to enlarge

I Find Everything is a carefully curated shop that walks a thin line between boutique and museum. The prices, also of museum level, are not for the faint of heart (think $200 one-of-a-kind hats). But then again, when was that last time you bought anything from a museum?

The gorgeous interior is the work of architect Makoto Yamaguchi and seeing it is worth a visit in itself. The minimal white and wooden backdrop is perfect for showcasing the eclectic collection of crafts and antiques.

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A joint project between hat designer Gris Uchiyama and Manatsu Murakami, the proprietor of the gallery space Artam. I Find Everything opened in mid-2010 and is the latest addition to our Tokyo Design Guide. Go see if their selection lives up to their name.

The space is nestled away in this unassuming building, not a far walk from Ebisu station.