A 1/25 Million Scale Replica of Japan in Chocolate

Isshindo Honpo is a Japanese company that combines Japanese culture with contemporary design to come up with unique products like the design face mask and Shogi chocolates that have proven popular with foreign tourists. Their latest product is Nihon de Chocolat, a delicately packaged set of chocolates shaped like the country but scaled down to 1/25 million.

Allegedly the first of its kind, the snack is made from white chocolate, bubu-arare (tiny baked rice pellets) and plum. And it includes all 4 islands of Japan. A set of 4 sells for 702 yen (about $6.30).

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!


  1. Hi There
    I would like to order some of these chocolates. I went to thier website but there is no English language tab. Anything you can suggest?

    • Janna – we would suggest a forwarding service. There are a couple out there – try googling “japan forwarding service”

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