00185.jpg10/27/2007-11/20/2007: Performa 07

Performa 07 is New York’s 2nd biennial exhibition devoted solely to performance art. Although the show is about halfway through its run that is not important because you still have this week and a little bit of next to enjoy happenings that are all about “now.” Check out their calendar to see what’s going on today!

 Time: depends | Location: depends | Charge: depends


nordicmodernism.jpg11/4/2007-1/14/2008:  Nordic Modernism

As you may have probably noticed, Scandinavian design is huge in Japan right now. Here is another event for all those Nordic enthusiasts. “Nordic Modernism” looks at design from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark from the perspective of 3 elements; tradition, functionality and expression.

11:00 – 19:00 | Tokyo Opera City | 1000 yen