images courtesy Taku Satoh | click to enlarge

Graphic designer Taku Satoh, not only curated this exhibition, he also designed the logo, the graphics, the catalog, the posters and the actual exhibition space! Talk about a one-stop-shop.

Simply titled “water,” the show, which runs through January 14, 2008, attempts to rethink the notion of the environment around us, reinterpreting design through the concept of water. The show features works by photographer Yasuhiro Ishimoto, graphic designer Kenya Hara, the design/engineer team Metaphor, and much more.

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT director and graphic designer Taku Satoh will “curate” the exhibition. Mr. Satoh has put together a team of experts from a wide variety of fields including anthropology, photography, lighting design, and design engineering. The water project is a result of extensive research and is comprised not only by an exhibition, but is also an attempt to engage the five senses by creating different points of reference between design and water. The latter will be in the form of publications, websites, talk shows, and workshops.