On Za Line

My last post for this week on ceramics features On Za Line, who bring a rather avante garde yet functional twist to ceramics. Kiyomi Kodama and Ai Kurahashi have been working together since 2005, largely exploring the possibilities of porcelain. Their work culminated with the very successful (and perhaps most commercial) debut of “The Garden as Science Fiction” (2008), a line-up of products that included moss rings and leaf plates.

The Garden as Science Fiction

The pair embarked on a mission to build upon their success and released “The Garden as Science Fiction Vol 2,” which features vases modeled after plant roots. Once again, utilizing the pair’s favorite medium – porcelain – they attempted to depict our adoration and yearning for nature.

The Garden as Science Fiction Vol 2

In the same way roots often resemble human organs, the vases have an almost grotesque (in the most beautiful sense) resemblance to organs like the human heart. “Sooner or later we will all live amongst nature,” state the artists. Whether they are insinuating a return to nature after death, or perhaps predicting a world where nature has engulfed all of mankind, there is a fascinating morbidity about seeing roots on the table, serving as a vessel for flowers.

The Garden as Science Fiction

If you would like to see On Za Line’s work in person, they will be presenting at Next Standard (10/22 – 23), an exhibition that is part of the upcoming Japan Fashion Week.


  1. Thanks for this article. It is interesting, coz we can’t find an article in Japanese which has own opinion on our works. — Ai

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