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Following our coverage of Tokyo Designer’s Week, I wanted to highlight a few projects that were of particular interest to me. One of those projects is the Jaime Hayon line of ceramics for Choemon, one of the better known ceramic companies specializing in Marutani-yaki, a style of ceramics native to Ishikawa prefecture. It will be produced by Maruwakaya, who brought us the deerskin iPhone cases.

Although this is not the first time Hayon’s work has cast anchor in Japan (more on this and a recent history of Spanish design in Japan HERE ), it does mark the first original product line that was conceived specifically for a Japanese company.

I think the reason I am so drawn to this line of ceramics is that, while they are brimming with Hayon-esque creativity and originality, he has somehow succeeded in imbedding his work with the timeline of traditional Japanese ceramics. So much to the point where I almost sense a form of nostalgia as I look at the pieces arranged on the table.

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