Black & Light: A New Immersive Painting Inside an Inflated Canvas

Japanese-Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa has created a new immersive installation that just opened in NYC. Spending over 100 hours, Oiwa and his team transformed a blank inflated canvas into a world of swirling, black and white cosmos that visitors can step inside of and explore on their own.

Oiwa and his team began with a blank, inflated canvas

Oscar Oiwa has been busy. The immersive “Black & Light” installation comes on the heels of a solo exhibition just last month where he debuted new paintings in New York.

Working only with simple black felt-tip pens, Oiwa visualizes “the crash of two different things. Two opposite ideas or situations. Like light and shadow. Or hot and cold. Or in politics, left and right.” It’s an all-encompassing stream of consciousness that collides inside a massive bubble.

See and explore the 360-degree artwork yourself at The Cadillac House Gallery now through March 30, 2019.

over 100 hours was spent transforming the canvas into a landscape of swirling cosmos

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  1. Beautiful. I couldn’t help but want a slower reveal, perhaps by staggered lighting. This would allow a viewer to cobble together pieces of the installation into a perceptual reveal unique to the viewer. Also, the white background of the black drawing would be interesting with some colored light (not to take away from the original intent of black/white, but perhaps as an adjunct/alternative). Strobe? Nah, this ain’t no disco. But music, yes. Unfortunately only heard of this after the March ending of the installation in NY. Appearing anywhere else soon?

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