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After teaming up with Nendo 2 years ago, COS, the high-end cousin of fast fashion brand H&M, is has collaborated with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto to stage an immersive installation made up primarily of light. Taking cues from the brand’s minimal, monotone collection, Fujimoto created a multisensory experience of light, sound and fog that interacts with visitor’s movements.

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Forest of Light” is on view at the Cinema Arti in Milan. A former theater, the space and its heritage in cinema served as direct inspiration in adopting the use of spotlight that “connects fashion, space and forest as a form of architecture,” explained Fujimoto.

Visitors meander through this forest of light as mirrored walls create an infinite landscape of abstracted trees. The towering cones of light respond to movement and turn on and off, adding a dynamic layer of interaction to the space. Fog and specially-composed sounds finish off the magical environment.

You can visit the installation at Cinema Arti in Milan through April 17, 2016.

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