What an amazing pharmacy designed by Osaka-based architecture studio Ninkipen. Completed in November of last year, the store represents the latest addition to the Kansai-based Global Pharmacy chain. What’s enthralling (and what I would like to know more about) is that, according to the architects, the store was built on an old road that had been illegally occupied since the end of WWII, hence it’s narrow width – just 4 meters. The architects attempted to preserve history within their designs by creating an elongated store that mimics the look of a road.

Osaka is well-known – notorious, if you will – for their illegally occupied spaces. They were often utilized by black markets and other dark forces who continued to elude the reach of government and authority, even into modern times. I wonder what this space was previously used as?

Looking out from the store you can still see where the road is rounded off – the remnants of an intersection

source: Ninkipen