Our Favorite Student Artwork From Japan’s Graduating Class of 2023

In Japan, early spring is graduation season, which means it’s the time of year art students across Japan are proudly displaying their years of hard work in the form of senior thesis exhibitions. Here at S&T we have a tradition of highlighting some of our favorite work by the young artists who are heading out into the real world. From paper sculptures and oil paintings to glass cranes, this year’s class is brimming with creativity.


Tsuzuki Endo

Endo, who is graduating from Tsukuba University, created this abstract paper sculpture on a wooden panel. Each polyhedron is made from black paper except for the sides at the bottom. The light that reflects off the surface has the effect of exaggerating the colors.

images courtesy KAMIURA Yuta Lab. University of Tsukuba

Yukiha Matsushita

From the graduating class at Tama Art University. there was something oddly addictive about the cluttered chaos of Matsushita’s oil paintings.

Yuka Wada

Wada, from Tsukuba University, experimented with tea dying, dipping thin plastic strips into different types of tea. The results yielded fascinating, organic rings, whose colors were then further accentuated by heating them in an oven.

images courtesy KAMIURA Yuta Lab. University of Tsukuba

Miyuki Sana

Sana, a sculpture student, crafted over 20 delicate glass cranes and suspended them from a ceiling. The sun casts gorgeous shadows of the cranes, each of which have a slightly different shape.

images courtesy Miyuki Sana


Momoka Ienaga

A graduate student of Kanazawa College of Art, Ienaga has focused her studies on Kaga Embroidery (Kaga-nui in Japanese), a traditional embroidery technique using a variety of threads like silk, gold, silver and even lacquered threads. Painstakingly worked by hand, Ienaga creates beautiful and refined embroidered leaves.

images courtesy Tsutomu Kanaya

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