Are you like us and finding yourself perpetually tired, in need of quick naps and rests several times a day? Well then you’re in luck because we have the perfect attire for you. Meet the wearable bean bag pillow. Is it comfortable? Yes. Cozy? Sure. Will it make you look ridiculous? Absolutely.


The wearable bean bag pillow is the brainchild of Hanalolo, a Japanese lifestyle brand that creates all kinds of floor pillows from recliners to small neck pillows. So we suppose it was only a matter of time before they started making their products wearable. Yet still, it’s a surprising evolution.

According to an interview with the company, the original idea came to them 10 years ago but simply as a novelty idea that their staff could wear at events. It was at these events that people would approach them asking if the wearable pillows were available for purchase. Despite numerous voices of concern from within that the product would surely fail, the company eventually decided to trust their customers and commercialize their wearable pillow. It went on sale earlier this month.

The wearable bean bag pillow comes in 3 sizes and multiple colors so your whole family can lounge about in synchronized fashion. It’s made from stretchy fabric and will adjust to almost any position you decide to lounge in. If you get tired of wearing it, it also functions as a regular pillow too.

You can see more images on Hanalolo’s Instagram account or purchase the pillow for yourself for 15,800 yen (about $120 usd).