Kaminokousakuji, also known as the gods of paper (to me anyway), are putting on their fourth exhibition. Having been postponed due to the earthquake, the way many things were, the show successfully opened 2 days ago. Being showcased are some fantastic works made out of paper, by some of my favorite designers. As with each year, the show runs with a certain theme. This year: Adhesives.

“Tapehook” by Torafu, modeled after the way tape curls.

a DIY “Torinosu” (bird’s nest) basket by Kaichiro Yamada

an “adhesive planter” by Shin Azumi

a humorous “Mummy” postcard by Sadahiro Kazunari


Paper Tools exhibition (kaminodougu)
Axis Building (Gmap): Living Motif – B1F
4.27.2011 – 5.22