Photorealistic Pencil Portraits of Woman by Kei Meguro

kei meguro portraits

Kei Meguro is a Tokyo-born illustrator and graphic designer. After moving to NY for art school she settled down in Brooklyn where she’s not only cultivated her photorealistic aesthetic but also established herself as a freelance illustrator with clients around the world. Now, for the first time, the 27-year old’s beautiful pencil-drawn portraits are being exported back into Japan for an exhibition titled “Juxtaposition.”

kei meguro portraits

“Simply stated, juxtaposition means things side-by-side,” says Kei, explaining the concept of her one-woman show. “Even though I primarily focus on photorealism, I aim to create a juxtaposition by adding a graphic pop of color.” Indeed, Meguro’s portraits are striking and alluring alone. But what makes them special is the post-production work of adding bits of color, which she masterfully accomplishes in photoshop.

“Juxtaposition” is currently on display at Galerie Le Monde in Harajuku through June 14, 2015. Meguro has on display a total of 30 beautiful pencil-drawn portraits.

kei meguro portraits

After graduating from New York’s SVA, Meguro joined a music-based subsidiary of Sony as a graphic designer. However, in order to pursue her own aesthetic she left the company in 2013 and established her own freelance business. Her work, understandably, appeals to the cosmetics and apparel industries, where a majority of her clients are.

kei meguro portraits

kei meguro portraits

kei meguro portraits  kei meguro portraits


  1. wow! these are really fantastic! I always like the pieces with poop of color like the girl with the red lips.

  2. Amazing work. Kei, would be a handy guy to have around.

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