Pick-a-book by Torafu

Photos by Mitsuru Hirota

This is kind of brilliant. Torafu has designed a new notebook with a slightly obtuse angle on one side. Why would they do this? So that the notebook sticks out from the rest of the books, reminding you of its exact location. Not planning to revisit the notebook for a while? Then simply flip it over so that it rests on its flat edge and it will become camouflaged between its other neighbors.

Simple idea, brilliant results! It’s available in the Spoon & Tamago shop.

source: Torafu website


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  1. Great post. Re-thinking the form of a commonly accepted object, like a book, and successfully improving upon its design is not easy in the least. Definitely out of the box thinking. I’ll be re-blogging this for sure. Thanks for the share!

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