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Eisuke Tachikawa, who designs by the name Nosigner, is the mastermind behind several brilliant projects including the moon lamp and OLIVE, a diy handbook for disaster refugees. His latest endeavor is Comicalu, a curated selection of manga-inspired products. Amongst the selection is Mika Tsutai’s manga dishes, Noto Fusai’s Canvas Works and Nami Mizuguchi’s Carne Vale.

The website just launched and isn’t quite functional yet so here is their facebook page.

Manga Dishes by Mika Tsutai

An iconic manga moment for every dish and occasion.

Canvas Works by Noto Fusai

The canvases are, quite literally, art with a purpose, such as a clock or a letter holder.

Carne Vale by Nami Mizuguchi

A ceramic oven-safe bone that can be used to recreate that nostalgic hunk of meat on a bone. It can, of course, be used for almost anything, like a hunk of bread.

source: twitter | comicalu

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