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Painstakingly assembling and welding together hundreds of plastic cylinders, artist Masato Yamaguchi creates what he calls “plastic paintings.” And you shouldn’t be surprised if you recognize a lot of the imagery. From Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst to Yayoi Kusama and street artist Space Invader, the 33-year old Tokyo-based artist consolidates this popular imagery into graphics and seals them away in plastic.


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“All culture; be it high, low, Eastern or Western, regardless of region or history, is archived and copied on the Internet,” says Yamaguchi. “It is this phenomenon that I have attempted to reflect in my work.” In a world overflowing with artificiality, disparate parts come together to form a new piece: “an aggregation of plastic.”

Yamaguchi’s work will be part of the upcoming Scope Miami Beach 2013 art fair in December.


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The artist offers a look into his creative process, which is almost as beautiful as the actual pieces. The thought and time that goes into each piece is clear and evident.



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