Teshima Yokoo House | a renovated home turns into a museum

teshimayokookan_w865all photos by Nobutada Omote

A bright, iridescent rock garden. Ceilings and floors turned into artwork. A circular tower that encompasses you with images. This is Teshima Yokoo House, a renovated home turned into a museum to house the work of artist and graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo. The structure, which opened over the summer of 2013, is the latest addition to the ongoing develop of the Setouchi Islands as an artistic and cultural hub, and was a collaboration between Yokoo himself and architect Yuko Nagayama.

One major theme throughout the space is the convergence of art and architecture. Translucent red panels appear throughout the space, at times making it appear is if a whole room is just a painting in itself. The red glass also has the strange effect of making the red rock garden disappear.


What makes the space special is it’s efforts to involve the locals citizens, most of whom are elderly. Neighbors were always welcome to observe the construction process and they were even invited to help lay the ceramic tiles in the rock garden. Through a collaborative process, the site became part of the community rather than just a museum. Staying true to their theme of “life and death,” the museum even offers funeral and cremation services.








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  1. I visited it a few weeks ago.
    While, I’m not a big fan of Yokoo’s works the building is simply amazing.

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