Poko Poko: A New Kid-Friendly Clubhouse in the Mountains of Tochigi, Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture

As the weather continues to warm, the call of the wild grows stronger. If you’re thinking of a spring getaway with the kids, consider the Risonare Nasu Resort. Located two and a half hours north of Tokyo in Tochigi, the resort boasts an abundance of mountainous nature, easy access from the capitol and a brand new kid-friendly clubhouse called PokoPoko designed by Tokyo-based Klein-Dytham Architecture.

The PokoPoko clubhouse reveals itself in the clearing of a forest, after traversing a 50-meter bridge. Poko poko is an onomatopoeia that describes things that pop out or sprout up. True to its name, 3 roof cones playfully poke out from the woods in different directions like a magical hideout.

Each of the conical roofs — made from local timber that twists up to the steel skylight ring — serve a different functional purpose. Under one roof, kids can have fun making pizzas in the pizza oven with fresh vegetables they picked from the nearby field. In another they can tire themselves out climbing up and down a climbing net. But it wouldn’t be fair to let the kids have all the fun: in yet another, parents can relax around a fireplace with a drink and a book while enjoying the view of the surrounding nature.

If you do decide to visit, be sure to also add the stunning Art Biotop and Nasushiobara Library to your agenda.

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  1. In a previous article you stated that there was renewed interest in the work of Arata Endo. But the only book available about him is decades old, out of print and very expensive (over $500 US). I am wondering why Japanese publishers don’t issue a new edition?

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