New Pillow Lets You Nap While Being Threatened by an Adorable Red Panda

Japanese lifestyle brand felissimo has released a new pillow that allows the user to nap while being threatened by an adorable red panda plushie. How anyone could ever sleep under such intimidation and fear is beyond us.



Red pandas are small arboreal mammals native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. Known for their distinctive reddish-brown fur and bushy tails, they’re generally shy and reclusive animals. But when cornered, red pandas will stand on their hind legs and extend their claws to appear larger and threatening, an adorable behavior that has won over the hearts of netizens who have unanimously proclaimed the behavior to be not very effective.

In one famous video (seen below), a little red panda named JaJa at Central Park Safari in Hyogo Prefecture was suddenly startled by a large rock and tried to intimidate the unknown intruder by adorably rearing up on its hind legs.

The pillow itself comes from Japanese lifestyle brand felissimo, who have given us other gems like pastry beds, fried shrimp umbrellas and mythical ukiyoe creature plushies.

The red panda pillow is available for 6700 yen (about $48 usd) but a word of caution: we don’t guarantee a good nap. After all, who could relax under such intimidation?


  1. I am looking to buy the red panda pillow but I’ve been only finding them for over $100 to us. Where can I buy it for the $48?

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