If you think there’s something new and old about Kyoto-based illustrator Kyoko Nakamura’s work, then she’s been successful. Using a combination of digital tools like Photoshop and analog materials like acrylic gouache, Nakamura creates colorful, neon illustrations inspired by her modern and traditional surroundings.

Kyoko Nakamura dreams up fictional toy shops, hot baths and kissaten, many of which are relics of the past which she renders in magical technicolor. Traditional elements of Japanese culture like foxes and torii shrine gates are frequent motifs in her vivid worlds. (We loved the 2019 New Year’s card that she made too!)

You can see more of her work online and follow her on Twitter. She also has an online shop where she sells merchandise like adorable brooches and pins.

the now shuttered Asakusa kissaten “Angelus”