This week’s Music Monday pick is a softer, more contemplative tone than usual. Ray Kunimoto is a sound artist who has primarily been creating acoustic sounds to accompany art installations at museums, galleries and other spaces such as this digital greenhouse in Tokyo. Currently based in New York, the artist has recently put out his first solo EP titled Amane.

Amane, in Japanese, can mean both ‘circle’ and ‘sounds from heaven.’ And Kunimoto embeds both into his atmospheric, ambient music through a combination of sampling and synthesizers. It was “created by weaving together different sound phenomenon like water, breathing, metal,” says the artist, along with sounds that are produced when human and non-human elements repel each other in the environment.

The artwork in “gén #1” embedded above was made by Akiko Nakayama, who captures the fluidity of life by depicting the flow of paint and water. Do yourself a favor and unwind with the ephemeral sounds of Ray Kunimoto before going to bed, or while you meditate.

You can follow Kunimoto on Twitter and you can find more of his music on iTunes, Spotify or wherever else you get your music. And you can find more of our Monday Music picks right here.