Have you ever wished, for one night,  you could become a DJ, mixing sweet music in a swinging rhythm? If so, The Open space 2012 at the Tokyo Opera tower, presents a lively application you’ll love. The author, Tsubasa Naruse , originally developed rythmushi in 2010. But since then,  the little music and animation application has grown to nine works.

I love the analog design made from drawing pictures – very simple and so kawai! The whole application is in Japanese but the interface is so intuitive and simple that everyone could use it and create enjoyable rhythms.  Though simple, Rhythmushi combines many different musical styles and techniques that even experimental musicians can enjoy it. The best part is you can download it for free and try it from your home!


Rhythmushi characters are so cute that they inspired a partnership with Graniph.  As these tee-shirts are no longer available (for the ones who got it, they’ve become collector items!) but you can meet little rhythmushi-san in teddy bear shapes.