photos by Hironori Tomino

Architecture in Tokyo is met with various intrinsic challenges – one of them being the sheer lack of building space. However, travel just 80 miles north to the city of Utsunomiya where you’ll find a population density roughly 20% that of Japan’s capital. What you’ll also find are architectural luxuries epitomized by the very rare 1-story house.

House M marks the 4th residential project of 34-year old Hiroyuki Shinozaki, who returned to his hometown to design this 1-story house for 2 women. Completed in early 2012, the home consists of six trapezoid-like structures that flare out of a central living space, defining rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Shinozaki utilizes the spaces between the trapezoids to create windows and, in the exterior, to create a deck and parking space. And as if putting a final touch on a toy home, a large roof made from wooden joists rests upon the house like a lid. I love how the space feels so connected and consistent.

After a 7-year stint working under Toyo Ito, Shinozaki established his own office in 2009 and has been based in Tokyo since then.

Source: Hiroyuki Shinozaki