Rokko Meets Art | Jun Kitagawa is unzipping the world one zip at a time

jun kitagawa zipper art (5) - Copy

jun kitagawa zipper art (1) - Copy - Copy

Jun Kitagawa accidentally became an artist when he found himself stuck with an inventory of t-shirts that would not sell. He decided to dispose of them by going around town and “covering up” nude statues – a stunt that, depending on where you are on the spectrum of cultural politics, could be considered either an act of vandalism or public service.

Kitagawa’s art has since evolved but his penchant for public spaces and an emphasis on humor still remains. One of his most fascinating works are an ongoing series in which he installs 3-dimensional zippers in various public spaces around Japan, offering an intimate look – one that’s often left up to the imagination – into our world. “I like to surprise people with a light eroticism,”* explains Kitagawa in a statement.

*all quotes translated by the author

jun kitagawa zipper art (3)

jun kitagawa zipper art (3) - Copy

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This post is part of a short series highlighting artists participating in the outdoor Rokko Meets Art festival going on right now.

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  1. This is so fun an whimsical! Do you have any more info about the Rokko Art Festival?

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