Rokko Meets Art | Ryosuke Imamura Transforms the Forest into a Miniature Town

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One thing you don’t expect to find when hiking through a forest are lamp posts. And if you were to find these symbols of civilization and technology you may perhaps be a little upset that you haven’t yet escaped the clutches of development. But if those lamp posts were miniature, you’re suddenly overcome with an entirely different experience.

This is the artwork of Ryosuke Imamura, a 31-year old artist who sculpted numerous miniature lamp posts from clay and metal and strategically placed them along a hiking path on Mt. Rokko. Encountering one is both surprising and enchanting. Surprising because they’re unexpected but also because they’re so small you easily could have missed them. Enchanting because it hints of a miniature town nearby, leading to all sorts of magical fantasies.

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ryosuke imamura (4)ryosuke imamura (6)

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This post is part of a short series highlighting artists participating in the outdoor Rokko Meets Art festival going on right now.

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