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What is a bonsai but the crystallization of Japanese aesthetics. That was the conclusion that photographer Ryo Ohwada arrived at after completing intensive studies on the ancient Japanese art form of growing miniature trees in containers.  In a new show that just opened yesterday (and on display at 2 different venues) Ohwada presents an intimate yet arresting look at bonsai which, he believes, is the perfect subject matter for photography. Much akin to his previous Wine Collection and Banknotes series, Ohwada conducts an almost-scientific observation – presented in large-format photography – in order to distill the essence of his subject matter.

Ryo Ohwada was included in our 2008 series on emerging Japanese photographers.


Form – Scenery seen through BONSAI
2011.09.07 – 10.07
11:00 – 19:00 (Sat. – 18:00; closed Sunday)