A Tech Company Restored a 100-Year Old Home in the Japanese Countryside for a Satellite Office

Founded in 2007, Sansan is a Japanese company that offers a cloud-based contact/business card management solution. Headquartered in Tokyo with offices around Japan, since 2010 the company has been renovating a traditional Japanese townhouse in the countryside town of Kamiyama (Tokushima Prefecture) for their 600+ employees to use as a satellite office.

The townhouse in question is a traditional farmhouse surrounded by lush greenery and consisting of multiple structures that ranged from 70 to 100 years old. And the 3 structures surround a courtyard with a cherry blossom tree. So Sansan brought in Shushi Architects to help finalize the renovation and create a harmonious space that offers lodging, work stations and social spaces. The completed office is called Sansan Kamiyama Labo and at its core, the project is intended to expose a generation of young engineers who have never spent in the Japanese countryside, to history but also a new way of living and working.

(all photos by Hisao Suzuki)

Kamiyama as a destination for Sansan’s satellite office is no coincidence. The small countryside has been investing in high-speed internet infrastructure and a local non-profit has been engaged in renovating vacant townhouses in an attempt to attract young workers from the city. You can read more about those efforts here.

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  1. I can well imagine living and working there.


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