Uguisudani is a neighborhood in Tokyo located slightly North of Ueno Park. Although it doesn’t have many famous tourist attractions to it’s name, the area is known as a center of the arts and academia, thanks to its proximity to art schools and the Tokyo National Museum. Last month in January, a new hotel called the Landabout opened just steps from Uguisudani Station.

The 169-room hotel is on the larger side for the neighborhood. And hotels tend to service visitors, rather than locals. So architecture firm Hagi Studio were brought in not only to design the concept and interiors, but to run the 1st floor cafe, which would provide a positive link between locals and visitors. And expansive cafe called Landabout Table occupies the 1st floor and guests of the hotel access reception on the 2nd floor. The name, a play on the word ’roundabout,’ is a testament to the hotel’s inclusive philosophy as well.

Rooms are simple and modestly priced. If you’re looking for something in between a boutique and a massive hotel, check out Landabout.

(all photos by Hajime Kato)