Shya-in-shokudo (employee cafeteria) or shashoku for short, has become quite the buzzword in Japan in recent years as start-up culture and an emphasis on better, healthier living, has lifted the standard of many corporate cafeterias. TV shows that infiltrate offices to see what employees are eating have garnered popularity. And a book featuring recipes from the cafeteria of a digital scale manufacturer became so popular that it inspired a movie.

Sha-shokudo is a new public eatery inspired by the office cafeteria. It opened yesterday (April 10) and is located on the 1st floor of an office building in Shibuya. It’s run by Suppose Design Office, an architecture firm headed up by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida. The architecture office staff  plan to use it as well.

The space features an open floorplan with photographs by artist and film director Shingo Wakagi, as well as a well-stocked bookshelf of reading materials curated by book consultant Yoshitaka Haba.

Shashokudo currently only has a Facebook page but their hours are 10:00 – 21:00 and they’re closed on Mondays. We have yet to see what the rotating menu looks like but if you’re in need of a healthy lunch spot in Tokyo it looks promising.