Tokyo is finally getting a bookshop where you can fall asleep in without being scolded. In September of 2015 book nerd dreams of falling asleep in bookshops will come true with the opening of BOOK AND BED TOKYO. Slated to open in the Ikebukuro neighborhood of Tokyo, the new hostel will combine lodging with bookshops to create the ultimate bibliophile dream.


Designed by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida of Suppose Design Office, the new hotel will feature beds embedded into bookshelves. Book lovers will be able to read until they doze off and suddenly realize it’s morning. It’s unclear, however, whether there will be individual rooms. The renderings appear to have communal beds, which would be a deal-breaker for us. Apparently they are targeting foreign tourists and domestic travelers as a primary audience. Those who have a close affinity with books, obviously.

The hostel’s book selection will be curated by Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers, who are also hosting a replica of the space from July 13 – 25, 2015.

(Article updated on Oct. 26, 2015 to replace renderings with actual photographs.)

book-bed-tokyo-beds_photo_1 book-bed-tokyo-beds_photo_3 book-bed-tokyo-beds_photo_5   book-bed-tokyo-hostel_photo_3 book-bed-tokyo-hostel_photo_6