Shintaro Ohata 1 Shintaro Ohata 2 Shintaro Ohata 3 Shintaro Ohata 4 Shintaro Ohata 5 Shintaro Ohata 6  Shintaro Ohata 7 Shintaro Ohata 7-1   Shintaro Ohata 4 detail

When I first saw the artwork of Shintaro Ohata it immediately transported me back in time – 20 years ago – to when I was a child growing up in Tokyo. Incorporating a mix of landmark and ubiquitous landscapes, the paintings, which sometimes brilliantly merge with 3D sculptures, capture a young girl on the streets of Tokyo, frozen in a particular moment. They are both familiar and comforting but at the same time, isolating and lonely. Tokyo is a lonely city and these paintings remind me that I’m okay with that.

The images are all from a solo exhibition titled “Everyday Life” held earlier this month at Yukari Contemporary Art.

source: ex-chamber museum