photos by Yasutaka Kondo | click to enlarge

Architectural design firm Geneto (previously) has a furniture and product design department called Pivoto. Their latest work is this awesome ready-to-assemble bench called Coyaa. Designed in collaboration with a welfare facility in Sendai, the bench is not only gorgeous but is also intended to serve several social purposes.

One of these purposes is providing mentally and physically disabled people with creative, rewarding jobs. The assembly process doesn’t require nails, screws or any type of adhesive, enabling welfare facilities to create a safe working environment. Once an order is placed, the wood panels can be delivered to the facility and assembled. The interlocking wood panels are also all made from wood scraps – a byproduct of the furniture-making process itself – rendering each not only unique but  environmentally friendly as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, the furniture is designed specifically for pet-lovers. Once assembled, it holds several nooks and cranies – perfect for your dog or cat to crawl inside and nap while keeping you company.

source: geneto’s blog