Song Wig: a new take on wearable tech


From smartwatches and smartrings to fitness trackers, it’s clear that wearable tech is what everyone is thinking about. But the gadgets, which promise to change the way we live by putting information that much closer to our fingertips, is not only being worn on the hands. In a bold and radical new take on wearable tech, a device wants to take the music you listen to and put it at everyone else’s fingertips. Meet, the Song Wig.


Developed by Tokyo and NY based creative agency PARTY, Song Wig originally appeared as a prototype at the group’s solo exhibition in Brooklyn last year. But the team has now perfected the device, which envisions earphone cords as strands of hair, and will premiere their creation at SXSW, which kicks off on March 11.

song wig 2

Obviously Song Wig isn’t for everyone. But we could totally imagine it being a huge hit at parties or events. There’s always been something special about sharing music by offering an earphone to someone. Song Wig is “a wig for one head and many ears” that offers a brand new form of audio wearable technology.

song-wig (1)

the Song Wig is currently available in 3 styles: Pop…

“A hairpiece made of earbuds that explores new ways of sharing music”

song-wig (2)

Reggae… (which is also channeling Kenny G)…

song-wig (3)

…and Classical

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  1. ha, I know the girl in the video. Qrea of Trippple Nippples

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