Tokyo in the summer is not a pleasant experience. The combination of extreme heat and humidity renders one a slave to the air conditioner as you move from location to location, looking for the next respite of cool air. But what if you could take the a/c with you? The concept is certainly not new but Sony has a new elegant and practical solution.

the Reon Pocket comes with an undershirt equipped with a pocket under the neck and an a/c insert that can be controlled via smartphone

Of course the problem described above isn’t unique to Tokyo. Extreme weather and temperature patterns are increasingly becoming the new normal for geographies around the world. But with technological advancements, controlling the air temperature immediately around your person is becoming a more practical solution. And that’s what Sony’s Reon Pocket is looking to do.

Sony launched the Reon Pocket on their own crowdfunding site First Flight about 1 week ago. The design has already surpassed 50% and is on its way to meet the funding goal of 66 million yen (about $607K USD). Sony excels miniaturizing home accessories. If you’ll recall, the Japanese electronics company originally made a name for itself when it released the portable Walkman over 40 years ago.

Those looking for an alternative method of navigating extreme heat and cold have had the option of supporting the project starting at 14,080 yen (about $130 USD), which gets you 1 set of the undershirt and a/c device.

the wearable air conditioner has both cool and heat settings that are controlled from your smartphone
a promotional image indicates the body temperature with (right) and without (left) the Reon Pocket